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I can help you avoid costly mistakes !!! No one likes to pay the middle man, but I guarentee I will save you money .Having imported , fabricated and installed countertops for over 15 years , I know the in's and out's. I represent the best stone care products in the world to make sure your countertops dont fail years down the line. I not only will help you select the right material , but the right fabcricator. I will make sure you get a great price, great service and great end product. I will guide you thru the choices beween the different surfaces available . I will tell you the truth, not what the manufacturers want you to hear .


Not all granite is them same and definatley not all fabricators are the same. Your kitchen is the hub of your home. You will see it and spend time in it every day. You owe it to yourself to do everything available to you to ensure your hard earned money doesn't get wasted.


I am often asked what the difference between granite and quartz is. Which is better, which costs more. Well it used to be that quartz was typically more epxpensive as it is branded. Where granite had no brand behind it. There is no which is chepaer or which is better anymore . Many things have changed in the industry and I have kept up with all the design and product trends to help you make the best informed descision.


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