Cleaning and Sealing



Cleaning and sealing your natural stone countertops is an important part of proper maintenance to insure years of a problem free surface. Failure to use the right products and procedures can cause unneccessary build up and staining.


Here are a few free tips to save you money right off the bat.


Tip #1


You do not need to use expensive cleaners for daily cleaning . As mush as I would like to sell you them , there is no need. A simple mix of a couple drops of anti bacterial dish soap in a squirt bottle filled with soft water will be suffice. You can use the  cleaner on a bi weekly basis.


Tips# 2


It is misconception that stone sealers enhance the look of your countertops. This is wrong, as you can over seal your counters creating a build up. In fact your causing the stone to dull. A good trick  to know that your stone needs re sealing is to pour a small amount of water on the surface. If it beads up , the sealer is doing its job , if it slowly soaks in , time to re seal.


If you are unsure of the current state of your countertops call me! I can save you time and money. My process will remove all existing sealers and cleaners with my impreganation remover. I will then apply the best sealer on the market today. It will protect your counters from stains for over 10 years!!! There are other sealers on the market that will claim to last longer . However they take weeks of not longer to cure and leave a terrible odor. You will be protected 100% by the time I leave your home.


Have stains???


Well, I wish I could honestly say I can 100% remove them. However I work woith the best products  to remove organic stains like wine and strawberries, oil and grease stains and even rust. Time is of the essesnce , the sooner you have found a stain, call me. The chance to remove them greatly increases if we get to them asap!!



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